Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Welcoming all Tudor Rebels!

Welcome to the Tudor rebels blog. This blog has been revamped to support you over the coming month with your exams.
Use the side menu to find notes on all the topics we have covered this year! Remember if your not sure about something just ask!

PS while your here please feed the fish!!!!

Miss Cust


Sarah said...

I've just had a look at your Tudor Rebellions site. I'm new to teaching this area of the A Level course and this site is excellent. Will definately be recommending that my students have a look.

Thank you


Anonymous said...

Very helpful! Thanks alot!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous are you to chicken to show your real identity?

Anonymous said...

great site!
richard xoxo

Anonymous said...

Happy Christmas to Tudor Rebels everywhere & a big Thanks to Miss Cust - wherever you are - for building this site!

Barnaby Fitzpatrick

Anonymous said...

A snegby of a site. Thanking you greatly. xxx

Anonymous said...

Cracking website!

Kate said...

Thank you so much for this site, it has proved really useful for me and my classmates in Norwich as we prepare for our exam. Thanks!

A very tired student at this time of the year said...

I am wondering... where is the fish?

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping to use your site in my c/w, however I was wondering if you are a Tudor expert or if you've written any books that I can write about in my evaluation. Or are you a history teacher that specialises in this area?
Thank you

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